Heather Hamann – Animator

All my life I have loved Disney animation and fairy tales.  My current favorites are 101 Dalmatians and Sleeping Beauty.  To me fairy tales are magical.  Fairy tales make learning life lessons of friendship and kindness fun for children.  Celtic harp princess provides animation and voice over services to create unique and special stories.  The name combines my Irish heritage and love of celtic music, the pedal harp I play, and my love for the heroine of all fairy tales – princesses.

In 2012 I obtained a Certificate of Accomplishment Art Digital Media – Foundation from Diablo Valley Community College.  I completed the Certificate Art Digital Media – Character Animation in Spring 2015.  Currently, I work as an intern at the Full Inclusion Practical Film Workshop in Livermore, CA, and volunteer at the Diablo Valley College Costume Department.

If you love magic and creating stories for young people, I look forward to working with you.

You can find Heather’s work here: http://celticharpprincess.wixsite.com/celtic-harp-princess


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