About ACC

The Autism Creatives Collective (ACC) is a community of talented creative writers, artists and musicians on the spectrum who support each other in their creative endeavors. The idea for ACC was born in February of 2016 at a meeting of AASCEND (the Autism Aspergers Spectrum Coalition for Education, Networking and Development). ACC is working to identify and support opportunities for jobs, projects and potential careers for adults on the autistic spectrum who have creative talents, and to enable industries to take advantage of their creative talent.

ACC members have talents in over 10 diverse creative fields – including art, writing, music, photography, computer graphics, crafts, and video.  Members have varied goals: some wish to have careers in a creative field, others seek to make some additional money, while other want to tap their creative gifts to enrich their lives.   Currently, the majority of ACC members currently do not make any income from their creative work and have limited venues to share their work outside of a close circle of friends and family.  Working collectively, ACC members and their supporters hope to change this.

The key goals of the Collective are:

  • To provide mutual support for creatives in their artistic endeavors,
  • To promote members’ creative work,
  • To identify venues for publication, performance, and presentation of members’ creations and products,
  • To identify or create job/gig opportunities,
  • To establish an online presence that showcases the work of members, and
  • To develop partnerships with organizations, companies and professionals in creative industries.

In the long term, ACC hopes to help identify mentors, advisers and supporters who to can help identify gigs and opportunities for the collective and promote the work of its members.