Anlor Davin

Anlor Davin is an author, teacher, mother, French immigrant and a Zen student. She has recently published her book, Being Seen, a memoir about an autistic woman struggling not only to be seen but to be understood and respected. … More Anlor Davin

Lori Ziemba – Fine Art

Lori has been drawing ever since she can remember.   She studied commercial art at The High School of Art & Design in NYC, but is a self-taught painter and has been painting for 30 years.   She works mainly in acrylic on paper or canvas. Purchase Lori’s art here:

Christian Damian – Multimedia Artist

I am an adult autistic with many years of a hopeless prognosis, now just experiencing a modicum of acceptance and access to the most current programs, tools and professional assistance. especially since becoming a client at Autistry Studios in July, 2016. Buddhism and meditation have also contributed to my well being; though I am still not, … More Christian Damian – Multimedia Artist

Colin Eldred-Cohen

Colin Eldred-Cohen is a creative writer and storyteller. He was born in San Diego and graduated from the San Diego School for Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA), where he discovered his talents for performing, singing, and Irish dance. At Santa Cruz, he graduated with a degree in film. … More Colin Eldred-Cohen